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Understanding Your Telephone Bill

Wireless and traditional telephone bills contain a number of charges that can be confusing for consumers. To avoid fraud, it is im []

Your Phone Bill Made Easy: Understanding Typical Charges

While the advent of the internet and the connectivity provided by cell phone service has made life more convenient, it has also le []

Overages, What For?

You're on your way to choose a phone plan. There are pre-paid plans and post-paid plans. Pre-paid plans are phone plans with a set []

International Roaming - During your trip

For most of us, wherever we go our mobile phones are our constant companions. When travelling internationally however, there are s []

Phone Bill – Cramming

Have you ever looked at your phone bill and thought: Why is my bill so high? This is not what I agreed to when I signed up. What a []

Less Phone Bill Shock

Monthly landline and mobile phone bills are typically confusing to understand. Phone companies give the illusion of an all-inclusi []

The Typical Charges On A Phone Bill

The FCC Truth in Billing To ensure consumers can understand their telephone bills the rules of the FCC Truth in Billing have plac []
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