Calls from "Authorities": What I have to pay attention to!

Jury Duty Scams and How to Recognize Them

The Allegation Jury scammers will often call potential victims on the telephone, claiming that they have ignored a jury duty summ []

Too good to be True: Government Grant Scam

Have you ever received a call claiming that you were approved for a Grant in the amount of the thousands? If so you have been con []

IRS Impersonation Scam

Income tax season is upon us, and the Internal Revenue Service wants taxpayers to be aware of a growing scam to trick unsuspecting []

Is it really the IRS?

A lot of taxpayers have encountered phony IRS officials through email, on the telephone and in person. Contacts from the IRS are u []

IRS Impersonation Scam - Payment

Have you had a call from the "IRS" demanding you owe them money and you felt a little sceptical about it, but at the same time wor []

Protection Tips Against The New Medicare Card Scam

The Changes to Medicare Cards Medicare is implementing a lot of big changes in their cards in an attempt to make them more secure []

Does the CRA Really Owe You Money? How to Avoid CRA Fraudsters

The Canadian Government is doing the best it can to educate citizens about fraudulent telephone and email scams. Many people are b []

Immigration Scam in Canada

With the constant attention on immigration affairs evolving laws, it is inevitable for some to take advantage of the misinformed o []

Calls from the SSA - social security administration

Although identity thieves target people of any age, criminals often target those who receive Social Security retirement and disabi []

Calls From Fake US Marshals - The Scam

US Marshals and the FBI are letting people know about a scam that involves people calling random citizens claiming to be US Marsha []
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