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The National Do Not Call Registry

Unwanted calls from salespeople and service providers can become a nuisance for the average American family. Calls placed by auto []

Identity Theft in America: Guidelines to Help You Become More Informed

A study by Javelin Strategy found that 15.4 million U.S. people were victims of identity theft in 2016, an increase of 16% over 20 []

Block Unwanted Calls on Your iPhone

Because our iPhones typically accompany us everywhere, there is the issue of unwanted calls, something that makes the entire deal []

A Few Tips for Protecting Your Privacy Online and Offline

You may decide to quit Facebook, but it is not easy to abandon digital services and devices altogether. That said, pay attention t []

A Complete Guide To Caller ID Spoofing

Spoofing When a caller deliberately falsifies the details received by the caller ID display to hide their identity it is called s []

Phising: You're the One on the Hook

We've all played the game "go fish" in hopes of obtaining the correct card to make a match and eventually win the simple card game []

Understanding Identity Theft Protection Services - Are They Right for You?

Identity theft is a billion dollar business. Thieves can use stolen personal information to make purchases with your credit cards, []

Five Ways You Can Reduce Your Chances of Becoming A Victim of Telephone Fraud

Telephone fraud can happen at any time or anywhere. Do you know that a lot of the robocalls you receive are there to merely get in []

The Security For Public Wi-Fi And Bluetooth

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Network Connections Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network connections can be vulnerable to identity and data theft due []

Tips to Improve the Privacy and Security of Your Android Device

Smartphones fulfill a strange niche in our lives. Some more than others, but to a certain degree, Smartphone technology affects ev []

iPhone Privacy Settings

Taking Control of Privacy Settings iPhone users that want to protect themselves from an invasion of privacy or a breach of data s []

Smartphones and Security - How Much is Necessary?

Security and Privacy are words on everyone’s minds as we become more reliant on technology and share our information with variou []

How to Create a Secure Password

The use of tech such as telephones, ATMs among others has led to the need for privacy and security, and by the use of passwords th []

How To Protect Yourself Against Smishing

By now, everyone has heard about Phishing. Phishing has been a way for thieves to obtain important personal information about you []

Census Fraud - How to Recognize, Avoid, and Report It

The United States Census is a very important part of what the government does and it provides valuable information to both the gov []

The Google Voice Scam - How It Works and How To Avoid It

There is a Google Voice scam going around that people are falling for because it happens so quickly when they get into the scam. T []

The Classic Pyramid Scheme

The classic scheme is when a participant attempts to recruit new participants to make money. A high return is promised by the prom []

The Immigration Scams Aimed At The Spanish People

Immigration Scams "Notarios Públicos" Spanish people in the United States are targeted by scams due to their unfamiliarity with []

How to protect your mobile phone from tracking?

Tracking someone's location use to consist of a person actually having to leave their home, and physically driving around or walki []

Protect Your Voicemail From Hackers

Hacking in to voicemail systems is easily done when the targeted party does not opt to change preset passwords. Who’s the Targe []

All you have to know about the National Do Not Call Registry

Are you fed up with receiving unsolicited telemarketing calls on your home and cell phone? In 2018, Americans received almost six []

New Medicare Card Scams

As Medicaid and Medicare update their cards and account numbers, there has been a substantial uptick in phone scams being made to []

How to know if someone is spying on my phone?

There are several ways that you are going to know if someone is spying on your phone. Battery The first way is if you notice tha []

Awareness Regarding the 90# Telephone Scam

There has been a recent resurgence in an age-old scam that you need to be aware of as a vigilant citizen. This scam uses outside l []
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