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9 months ago

»I Know u had better be respectful to my daughter s and Cynthia who ever the fuck u are really understand I will always love Cynthia Aguilar she is my love and my everything I am so sad Cynthia and I can´t be together anymore but take this percaution I will always be Sierra´s dad and and Alissa´s father you had better be respectful to Cynthia I want her to have all the love and kindness she deserves I am so sorry Cynthia that this is our end of the road ...i will always be grateful to you I can´t repay what u have done for me in my life be safe and this is farewell daddy will miss you remember always pray«
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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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Dear there

How are you? Hope COVID-19 didn’t affect your life much.

This is Yolande from Scanwell Logistics, Shenzhen China, providing professional freight forwarding management and service in China. We have over 60 branch offices and 100 local agents globally. Our service includes: international air and ocean (FCL, LCL) import-export; cross-border courier, hand-carry, international moving, wine & books storage and logistics management system etc.

Due to the outbreak of the epidemic, most of the countries are under the circumstance of running out medical prevention products. My company is able to help you filtrate out with those qualified protective materials (such as disposable protective mask or N95 with CE/FDA/NIOSH ,hand sanitizer, disinfectant etc.)and meanwhile, providing freight forwarding services.

We really understand the situation and hope to make some effort. Sorry to bother you or bring you any inconvenience.

Sincerely Yolande

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