What To Expect From iOS 12

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As an Apple consumer, you may just wonder what the iOS 12 update has in store for you. Currently, the new update is still being worked on at Apple's headquarters. The update is expected to cover the iPhone, iPad, as well as the iPod Touch. Its codename is Peace, and while Apple is remaining tight-lipped about the specifics that will definitely be included in the update, there are a few rumors floating around.

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1. Cross-Platform Functionality

Scheduled for release sometime in the fall of 2018, the iOS 12 update will run injunction with the macOS 10.14 update. The hope is to have a single app that works across platforms. That includes iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Normally, these platforms have run separately, but developers are hoping that either through the use of a mouse or a touchscreen, users can easily access the app regardless of what platform they're currently accessing. In addition, the developers might also include the Home app to Macs during this team-up of updates.

2. Animoji

Introduced with the iPhone X, the adorable and fun Animoji is rumored to be included in the iOS 12 update. Not only will there be more Animoji characters to select from, but they're also simplifying the interface for easier use. You'll also be able to find them on the iPad, particularly on the iPad Pro which will also include a TrueDepth camera.

In addition to adding Animojis, Apple also intends to integrate them into Facetime. This will allow users to select an Animoji character for themselves during a call. Although it may be ready for the 2018 release, Apple is also working on multi-person Facetime calls. However, it is unlikely that they will be ready for deployment in the iOS 12 update.

3. Parental Controls

A Digital Health tool is being created that will allow parents to see how long and how often their child is on the phone. This will help the parent monitor their child and take precautions should they feel that their child is spending too much time on their phones. Additional features of the Digital Health tool have yet to be revealed.

4. More Features

Besides the rumored additions above, Apple may also be redesigning the Stocks app. They're also looking at extending the Siri integration when searching for photos in the Photo tool. The Do Not Disturb app will see some changes, including several options to help the user automatically reject calls as well as silence unwanted notifications. For those looking to import photos to their iPad, Apple is revamping its interface. Finally, they are also possibly including multi-person augmented reality games.

More or Less

Again, these are just rumors of what users can expect with the next iOS 12 update. Apple has had to cut back on some of the features they had intended to include due to time. As a result, users may expect some of these listed features in addition to a few more.

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