The Top Five Higlights From MWC 2019

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Every year, a lot of enthusiasts and the biggest names of the mobile phone industry gathers in Barcelona for the GSMA Mobile World Congress. This is a great venue for enthusiasts to know what new technology innovation was made. Phone manufacturers get a chance to showcase their newest innovation and get initial reactions before the product hits the market. This year, there are a lot of surprises from the presenters, especially when it comes to the folding concept of mobile phones.

1. Tech With 5G Internet Capability

Perhaps, the most important part of the conference is the showcasing of phones that support the 5G connection. The first phase of 5G specs is expected to be released on April this year in selected places for its official early commercial deployment. However, full implementation is expected to be in 2020.

Samsung released two phones that support 5G connectivity in this year's MWC 2019: the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Samsung Galaxy s10. Huawei also offers the feature with its Mate X. Other phones include LG V50 ThinQ 5G, Xiaomi Mi mix 3, and ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G.

2. The folding phone is finally here

There is still no solid way in which a user can use the folding phones. However, there is no denying that the folding technology is finally here. Samsung has been rumored to be building a phone that can fold for years. Finally, the company managed to launch a preview this year with its Samsung Galaxy Fold that costs for almost $2,000. However, an unexpected competitor unfolds with the Huawei Mate X. Time can only tell if this folding technology will be useful for consumers.

3. A Phone That Dies After A Week

Energizer, one of the most famous battery manufacturers in the world, decided to show how they can improve anything with their batteries. The company introduced the Energizer Power Max P18K Pop, which features an 18,000 mAh battery capacity. Even the flagship phones typically feature 4,000 mAh. But this phone compromises the thickness for longevity. The P18K Pop is 18mm thick at its thinnest point, which makes using it while laying in the bed a bad idea.

4. Microsoft's HoloLens

Microsoft managed to wow the audiences with its showcase of the Microsoft HoloLens 2, Microsoft Azure Kinect, Vive Focus Plus, and Qualcomm XR chips. It's HoloLens 2 features a field of vision twice as large as the previous HoloLens. In addition, there is an additional mini-game that the user needs to play in order for the device to calibrate and measure the distance between your eyes. The company also showed the practical usage of the AR technology especially in engineering, corporate planning, HR, and medical operations.

5. A New MicroSD Format

A new microSD format was introduced during the conference by the SD Association. The company unveiled its microSD Express, which is expected to have a significantly faster file transfer speed but with lower power demand. MicroSD Express will come in three available formats: the microSD HC I Express, the microSD XC I Express, and the microSD UC I Express. In addition to the faster rate and lower power consumption, the new microSD Express is expected to be backward compatible.

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