The Newest Innovations : Mobile World Congress 2019

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pic magazine 7034 2019-10-28Every year the Mobile World Congress brings to light the latest and greatest in cellular and mobile technology. The MWC is the largest exhibition for the mobile industry in the world, often featuring the most exciting new technology in an industry which now dominates global markets.

The event initially was branded 3GSM World and was exclusively based in Cannes, but has since grown and evolved. In 2019 the event has transitioned from the Mobile World Congress to MWC 2019, emphasizing the growth in the industry while maintaining the familiar acronym. The event has also morphed into multiple conferences, now hosted in Barcelona, Shanghai and Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles event runs from October 22nd-24th this year, and as usual the mobile giants were eager to impress with the latest innovations. As usual, several big name speakers took to the stage on day one to start the conference.

First day presenters included Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles, expressing his eagerness to host such a forward-thinking event. He was also happy to discuss his confidence in the growing economic viability of the city. Several speakers also emphasized the event and industry's efforts to provide a more positive environmental impact, specifically with the event itself being carbon-neutral.

A major topic of discussion for the conference included 5G's upcoming impact on the market, of which is expected to be a major upgrade for the modern mobile experience. Being a relatively new technology, 5G carrier coverage is slowly being rolled out in select cities by all four major US carriers. It is expected to grow to nationwide proportions by early 2022, but the technology is still young, messy and has its controversies. These concerns include the security of 5G, as well as unsubstantiated reports of negative health effects.

All four major US Carriers discussed 5G and it's exciting prospects for the future, with network speeds that double or triple the maximum network speeds of modern 4G. Specifically Sprint CTO John Saw stated 5G customers currently using the network experience average speeds of 200 MBps, as compared to speeds of 30-40 MBps on 4G.

As day three commences all eyes are on L.A. to hear more big news and updates regarding this exciting market. Conferences will include topics of cloud technology, mobile security and integration with commercial vehicles. The mobile market is continuously growing at an astonishing rate, including huge innovations in hardware as well as network.
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