The IFA Berlin 2018 Exhibition shows the Future of Technology

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The IFA Berlin 2010 exhibition had many Innovative devices that will change the lifestyles of many individuals due to these latest developments. One of these many features is the future of mobility, robotics, voice commands, digital translators, ultra-fast mobile networks, and things that just make your life healthier. At the exhibition there was a lecture also on mobile infrastructure, which had 5G revolution using fiber optic networks.

The IFA 2018 trade show not only had Innovations and products from the previous year, but also presented more digital lifestyle products. The trade show allowed many exhibitors from different parts of the world to show their new ideas as well to share each other's ideas. Really what could you as a consumer use that's new? Well check out these features:

8K TV's

From the trade show are some outstanding items one being the Samsung Q 900R 8K, which is an 8K TV in three sizes 65, 75, and 85 inches. The TV's are expected to be available in stores in October 2018 in Europe.

OLED smartphone

As a consumer have you ever wondered how phones could get any better? Well Sony has taken their phones or smartphones to the next level. Now they will have an OLED screen in 18:9 format. This phone is called a Sony Xperia XZ3. It's an Android 9.0, which will be available October 2018.

Nubia smart watch

The IFA 2018 trade show also had a smartwatch that is a smartphone and is called the Nubia Alpha wearable smartphone. This will be available in China at the end of 2018. There was only available a prototype, and much of the specifications weren't given by the manufacturer. The bracelet though can make and receive calls as well as navigate on the internet. Who knows maybe this phone will prevent consistent phone frauds that call us from online directories. Only time will tell.

New and improved Polaroid

Another item that was talked about at the IFA trade show was the Polaroid one-step this instant camera can connect to Smart phones either Android or Apple phones. The Polaroid one-step goes for a $159.99. The cartridges go for around $16 for 8 snapshots. The camera can also superimpose two pictures.

Healthier water

Wouldn't you as a consumer want better cleaner water in your home? Well, at the trade show was an Innovative purifier for in-home mineral water by Mittie's. This purification water system adds in essential minerals which is usually stripped by water filters. It is said to come out possibly in 2019, and the device may go for a $469.

Voice Control Technology

How would you feel if you were able to talk to your TV, through a room full of noise from friends talking at your house? At the trade show they showed a new feature of voice control technology. This was very interesting. Features of Audio smart far-field voice (FFV) technology were shown with TLC's new line of televisions with built-in Alexa. This acknowledged use is convenient as well as has security factors or features which demand fine voice differentiation. With this technology it can pick up your voice through noise in your own home.

That IFA 2018 Berlin trade show really showed how technology will affect the future.

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