The Federal Trade Commission Is Coming Down Hard On Robocallers

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The fight against spam has led to fines and bans pertaining to four separate robocalling operations by the (FTC) Federal Trade Commission. Recently, AT&T and Verizon have both finally agreed they will take action regarding the different types of spam calls. They are following in the the footsteps of T-Mobile and the fairly random attempts of some of the individual carriers to stop this threat from getting any worse. Unfortunately, without any assistance from the FTC and the (FCC) Federal Communications Commission, they are unlikely to make much of a difference.

The good news is an announcement has just been made by the Federal Trade Commission. They have reached their most recent step in their personal efforts against the key robocalling operations. This resulted in the closure of four illegal operations. The FTC believes these operations were responsible for the extremely large number of robocalls received by the consumers. Billions of illegal and unwanted calls have been received throughout the nation selling services for debt relief, fake charities, auto warranties, services for Google search results and home security systems.

Last year, Truecaller conducted global research regarding robocalls. They discovered spam calls were decreasing throughout the United States. Robocalls only represented nine percent of the declining total. Another report revealed between 2017 and 2018 the approximate amount of robocalls placed increased by a substantial 46 percent to a staggering 26.3 separate calls. This means every person in the United States received roughly seven spam calls every month.

If the assumption is made these numbers are at least partially accurate, only a small portion of an extraordinarily complicated web of just plain annoying and illegal robocalling activities have actually been shut down by the Federal Trade Commission. The process has to have a starting point, and this was the ban placed on Pointbreak Media, Veterans of America, Higher Goals Marketing and NetDotSolutions from the majority of telemarketing activities and robocalling. The FTC believes this was a good place to begin.

During a period of numerous years, all four of these operations were running illegal activities. The worst of all of them is considered to be the charity scam running under a variety of different names such as Medal of Honor, Donate That Car, Saving Our Soldiers, Act of Valor, Donate Your Car, Vehicles for Veterans and Veterans of America. These nefariousness schemes attempted to get donations from millions of Americans. None of these donations were received by the actual charities for veterans.

Pointbreak Media is a scheme based out of Florida. They used Googles name without permission to run a scam on the owners of smaller businesses for $300 to $700. These individuals were actually purchasing a variety of bogus services for search optimization. The businesses were specifically promised they would be on the first page of the Google results. They were also threatened with being completely eradicated from these results. These actions were so disturbing, the FTC imposed fines from $500,000 to $3.64 million. It is too bad this type of action cannot be taken on a daily basis.

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