The Fantastic New Features Presented At The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

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The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple has concentrated on the little things during the conference. They have revealed numerous additions and tweaks to provide a better experience and polish the Apple products. Improvements to Siri and Apple Watch have been revealed. The mobile software is more responsive and faster. One of the highlights included teasers for future Macs and iPhones. The improvements have been subtle but they are effective. Apple is concentrating on the future because consumers are using their phones for longer period.

The iOS 12

The iOS 12 was introduced with all new features. This includes the Screentime app to provide weekly usage reports and enhancements to the Do Not Disturb feature. Parents can now receive reports for the usage of their children while setting different allowances. The users can limit their usage and receive pop up warning messages when the time allotted for specific apps is almost gone. The reasons for some of these limits were because the average age a child receives a phone is ten and the most desired devices by teenagers and children are Apple.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality are commonly referred to as AR and VR. Apple introduced a new file format called USDZ for AR. This makes the technology more accessible for Apple users. The ARKit 2 was introduced to show what was possible with AR such as building Legos in augmented reality. Apple is also working on a headset with high powered capabilities for both VR and AR technology. Each eye will have an 8K display. This resolution is higher than the top rated televisions. The Apple headset would connect directly to a box using short range, high speed wireless technology. This technology is extremely significant for the developers.


Siri is the voice assistant exclusive to Apple. Despite Apple's lead in the market, this technology has been dominated by Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa. Apple revealed a new technology at the conference called Siri Shortcuts. This enables users to create command prompts for certain apps. Suggestions will be offered through Apple Watch or the phone by Siri regarding actions or activities based on the actions of the user. If the user visits the gym at a specific time of day, Siri will recommend a fitness app. The user can also create shortcuts using multiple applications. This is similar to the capabilities of Google Assistant and Alexa. It is critical the HomePod speaker increases in usefulness and Siri is the key.

Apple's Animoji

Apple's Animoji provides the Messages app with highlight additions and was released with the iPhone X. New icons were released along with a new Memoji. This enables the users to create cartoon versions of themselves. This is similar to the AR Emoji from Samsung. The ability to make group calls including 32 parties has been added to FaceTime. Memoji and Animoji are now both capable of feeding into the app for video chats. This is one of the small tweaks expected to appeal to Apples huge fanbase.

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