Samsung Galaxy Fold Release

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After delaying the release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung has finally released the long-awaited smartphone, that has been described by many as the "cutting-edge." The device is expected to hit the European and Asian markets on the 18th of September 2019. The first country to experience the new Samsung Galaxy Fold was Korea, and this took place on the 6th of September 2019. The US markets, will, however, be required to wait a little longer since Samsung has not stated when the device will be ready for purchase. The good news, however, is the fact that the long wait won't go beyond September.

Previous Release and Cancellation

In July, Samsung revealed that it had made some improvements on the smartphone, with the sole purpose being to protect the screen of the device, and twitch the hardware used to produce the mobile phone. This was as a result of the complaints raised by various tech gurus who pinpointed glaring defects on the new device. Faulty protective screens and hardware issues marred the previous release. For instance, it was easy to peel off the protective film, even after Samsung had claimed that the screen was permanent. These defects had a significant impact on Samsung since it was forced to cancel orders which had already been placed by clients. Additionally, due to these glaring defects, Samsung was forced to withdraw the device, stating that it was not ready for public use.

What to Expect From the Improved Version

With the newer and improved version ready for use, Samsung is offering a "Galaxy Fold Premier Service," even though details are scanty as to what this service is all about. However, it is believed that the Samsung Galaxy Fold mainly revolves around the fact that the device will combine two aspects of mobile phones, namely tablets and smartphones.

For a device that bends, you would expect it to provide you with the best services for more extended periods. This is the same principle applied by the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The mobile device has metal elements under its screen, which give the mobile phone a sturdier appearance, and the peace of mind that the owner prefers. A new addition that would suit most users is the 5G network. However, it remains unclear whether buyers based in Australia and the US will be able to purchase a 5G-enabled mobile phone. However, those based in the UK will be able to buy the 5G variant device.

Additionally, Samsung has also fixed the screen by adding an extended protective layer which goes beyond the bezels, strengthened the top and bottom of the device, and reinforced the edges for maximum protection against debris. With the previous version, it was easy to peel off this screen cover, but with the newer version, this screen protector is here to stay.

Global Release

Even though Samsung has not released the exact dates that the Samsung Galaxy Fold will hit global markets, avid Samsung lovers are holding their breath and hoping that no issues will arise with the new device before most of them have laid their hands on it.

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