Samsung Developers Conference 2018 – A Brief Overview

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The 2018 Samsung Developer conference is over - but it was an amazing ride. This year there were over 5,000 people attending the conference. They worked in 60 group-oriented technical sessions, visited and staffed 35 booths, and built connections in one of Samsung's yearly showcase events for digital developers. The conference was held in San Francisco's world-famous Moscone West Convention Center. The theme of the conference was "Where Now Meets Next."

The conference focused on the worlds of artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and new developments in mobile technology like the upcoming 5G rollout. There were also group sessions relating to SmartThings, Bixby, UX/UI designers, and more to help enable people in the tech space to utilize the most advanced tools available on the market. These innovations have the end goal of making people around the globe more interconnected and creating efficiencies in business and life.

Developer Tools

The first day of the conference brought a ton of exciting news for developers. Samsung revealed a number of steps forward in tech that will help developers and their partners utilize artificial intelligence solutions in their product lineup and dev kits. Much of this growth is driven by the fact that the internet of things is becoming a huge part of our everyday lives- from smart TVs to smart toasters.

There were a number of important speakers at the developer portion of the Samsung conference. These included DJ Koh, who is the current CEO and President of the IT Communications/Mobile Divisions at Samsung. He was joined by luminaries from the Bixby Dev Studios, and together they introduced the brand new Smartthings Dev workspace. This tech ecosystem will help Samsung create new opportunities for the internet of things to reach consumers in their homes.

They also brought out Samsung's One UI, which made its debut earlier this year in Seoul, South Korea. In addition to the new user interface, they also released their Infinity Flex display, which holds a great deal of promise for foldable/bendable phone screens and tablets. Many consider the new Infinity Flex line Samsung's number one differentiating factor when compared to their primary rivals in flagship smartphones, Apple's iPhone.

New Apps

Samsung's app release talks also saw considerable foot traffic. There were two primary parts of the app release announcements. The first was the display area, where users were encouraged to try out some of the new apps on Samsung's internet enabled devices. These included new versions of Samsung's voice assistant Bixby, Samsung TV's, Tizen, and a variety of other products that run digital applications. There was also a series of talks by in-house and contract developers for apps.

All in all, the 2018 Samsung Developers Conference was a smashing success in the city by the bay. Samsung debuted a number of new technologies in the ongoing war for tech supremacy, and it looks like their competitors will have a number of problems on their hands, especially relating to internet enabled devices and voice operating systems like Siri.

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