Samsung Developer Conference 2019

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pic magazine 7039 2019-11-18In San Jose, California, the McEnery Convention Center with over 350,000 sq. ft. of space, hosted the Samsung 2019 Developer convention. This event, two days in length, occurred October 29 and 30.

The event brought together an estimated 5,800 attendees who exhibitors, developers learned of merging ecosystem of things by Samsung. The convention center sits in downtown San Jose. The neighborhood features up to five major hotels, a plethora of restaurants and public transport.

The Terminology

The convention center hosts several events of interest to the general public. This includes an auto show. Many of these events cater to the interest of the general public. The Samsung Developer conference may be unique in that its audience have keen interest in merging technologies. One may feel more comfortable in the fray once a few basic terms are understood unique to Samsung and its developers.

Galaxy refers to the line of mobile devices, such as smartphones that are manufactured by Samsung. Ecosystem of things, EOT, refers to the technological product line from Samsung. You may see these devices at various chain stores across North America and internationally that cater to devices known as smart things.


This refers to the operating system on which Samsung builds its ecosystem of things. Devices that include Bixby might be smart watches, smartphones, security devices and more. Incidentally, you can rest at ease knowing that some Samsung patrons who knowingly hold to strict security protocols, choose Samsung devices for their company operations. Security is a major factor built into what Samsung produces.

On The Platform

As mentioned, Bixby is the operating system for products produced by Samsung. Its features are multiple and varied. The operating system is built into Samsung televisions, washers/dryers, phones, and kitchen appliances as well as home security. The platform offers voice-activated features so one can give simple commands tailored to the device using Bixby. In short order, the program is able to recognize the voice of its user(s).

Bixby is found in mobile devices such as the Smart Speaker, which can serve as a radio, news reader and music resource. One may utilize its camera to highlight and initiate specific search capabilities. Remote operation too is probable with devices designed to enhance security.

Areas Of Development

Attendees learned that Samsung is actively engaged in developing innovation in three areas. These include further integration of the Bixby operating system into its merging products; continued development of smart things to further aid the overall quality of life by the user; integrate Bixby into the use of blockchain technology as it relates to bitcoin and other cryptocurrency modalities. The merging technologies cater to a diverse demographic. Instilling artificial intelligence into the products manufactured by Samsung is believed to be the call to answer for you in the immediate and distant future.

Samsung executives addressed the attendees with a tone of optimism. The forthcoming capabilities of the ecosystem of things such as watches, tablets, flagship devices and series A Devices were speculated on with tangible plans noted by the presenters. The existent Bixby template, for example, will keep developers and development on course to bring secure practical products to the public marketplace.
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