Mobile Device Security – Still important?

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pic magazine 7069 2020-03-09As mobile phones get more advanced, so does the hacker underworld. In today’s age, there is always a serious threat to technology. Malware and Trojan viruses can access our information and sometimes without us even knowing it. As for now, criminals are always trying to get one step ahead of technology and security updates. They are always trying to access our data and information. Since mobile banking is becoming easier to do, criminals understand this, which is why security should not be taken lightly on your mobile devices. However, there are several ways to protect your online identity and important information such as your banking information. Let's look at some ways to keep up-to-date and ahead of the criminals.

Security Updates

Apple iPhone and Google Androids constantly have security updates. It is important to always update your phone and download these updates to the latest security patches. These security updates have new protections built-in. These are built around malware and Trojan viruses to protect your personal information on your device. This is also why the iPhone has several steps to do something, like downloading apps. It requires your fingerprint for security reasons.

Basic Security

Utilize your phone's fingerprint software. It is hard to duplicate your fingerprint. Besides the fingerprint, you can also use your face to lock your mobile device. If your mobile device does not have these technologies, make sure you always use a pin or password to lock your device. Tech companies take cybersecurity seriously. They are utilizing new technology to keep your personal information safe. With malware becoming more powerful, tech companies like Google are using two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentification or 2FA is the leading way of keeping your information safe. This is because it notifies you if someone is trying to access your account. On top of that, they will need a password or a pin provided by Google to access the account. This makes it difficult to obtain an account and the information within. It is ideal to set up an account with two-factor authentication. Google makes this easy and it is highly beneficial to you and your personal information to set up this process.

Security Apps

Along with security updates and an authentification system, app stores have security applications you can download. These applications can also scan your mobile device like a virus scanner on a computer. Applications such as Avast, AVG and Malwarebytes are just some of the few. To make sure your mobile device isn't hiding any malware or a virus, it is good to scan your mobile device once in a while. Doing this will ensure mobile devices are safe and unharmed from malicious activity. Just remember, as technology gets more advanced, so do viruses. Mobile device security is still important. Criminals are always keeping up with technology to access our information and steal our personal data. If you do mobile banking or do online shopping on your mobile device, it is important to set up the security systems tech companies offer you.
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