Google I/O 2018: Big Changes Coming

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The must attend event of the year, Google I/O was held just a few days ago in Mountain View, Ca. Developers the world over made the annual pilgrimage to talk with Google experts. The latest and greatest products are on display for everyone to play with.

“Make Good Things Better” The focus of this year’s conference. Everyone expected major fallout from the debacle that was Facebook 2017, not the case. CEO Sundar Pichai laid out the direction for upcoming Google technologies and it was machine learning and tech. responsibility.

This year’s conference not all about Android, even though there were some cool developments with the OS. The Google I/O conference emphasized innovative responsibility for the company. The recent manipulative events of You Tube has shifted feelings. Many have become skeptical of Giants in Technology. Google has followed Apple, bringing better parental controls, to help counteract the addictive nature of cell phones. The tone of the conference was excitement, with machine learning and Android dominating the conversation.

Gmail and the Google Assistant:

  • Gmail is finally incorporating heavy AI tendencies into the program. The Smart Compose feature will predict large chunks of text in real time, unlike the "word predict" other programs run. Gmail will continue to push AI boundaries.
  • The Home Assistant will seem like you are talking to someone in the room. WaveNet technology is ready for the big show, a technology that takes raw waveform audio and makes it more conversational. More voices are coming, including John Legend.
  • Home Assistant can now multitask. Multiple Action allows the assistant to answer two questions with one “Hey Google.”
  • One very cool feature: if you need to make an appointment with the hairdresser, Google Assistant will call the salon, make the appointment, then share the results.


  • The public beta, Android P is rolling out now, it will be a lot smarter. The system will predict app usage to save battery life. The adaptive brightness feature will cut down on constantly changing screen brightness settings.
  • There will be new navigation features to the OS, making multitasking easier. Swiping will be easier and simpler. Big changes are coming to volume control as well.
  • You will be able to manually control screen orientation. That is the best news I have heard all day.

More Coming:

  • Android will get a new dashboard, app and YouTube timing settings.
  • Google Maps gets updated, point your camera and the compass does the rest.
  • Google Smart Display will launch in July
  • The Google Now launcher is back on with new visuals.
  • Google News is getting a big makeover. More news and easier to access.
  • Google Lens is coming to a phone near you. Recognition software is rolling out.
There is still a lot more to come with Google technologies. Gaming and the smartwatch will get better at interaction, AI will be added too. Expect to see updates to Chromecast and big updates on VR.

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