Expectations for the Year 2018

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The telephony industry in 2018 will make changes for the better of everyone across the world. Some groups might be talking about disaster because of new laws that have hit the books. Others know that it's going to get way better. This is how and why.

Changes in Providers

The global telecommunications system is looking at big changes. There is a network expected this year which will offer free communications. They could also regulate the service. What will happen is still in the works. Speaking up with your state representatives is imperative if you want to have a say in the change.

Technical Innovations

The change is due to some new developments in technical innovations. This offers a satellite system which all people can access as needed. The only question is how will that be regulated? The potential is there for it to be world-wide and free as well. The price can stabilize to benefit the consumers when this type of change occurs.

The Industry

Those working in the regulation industry are fine. This change will offer growth in those industries. People working in the current system which is in place are at a cross roads point. Considering how much money is in these mega-companies in the telephony industry, it will be interesting to see what happens. There is no way to speculate, but there are some basic ideas to ponder. They have two choices.

- They can join or resist the change. If they resist it the regulatory departments can cause the demise of their business. - They can go along with the change.

Some History

The industry has always had regulatory fees which the consumers pay. Companies might continue as they are. They could expand to areas where access was not available before. The system can provide better accessibility for people.


The change to a global economy is a real opportunity for many things. It can promote peace if everyone is working together as a cohesive planet. That can offer a safety which the world has never known. Like the schoolyard though, everyone must comply to have that friendship. The revenue is promising for the companies that go along with the change. It would mean funding from governments to the companies and there would be no arguing about it. Customers might have to pick up the bill for the new innovation. It could be a good too though and lower expenses. Only time will show what the outcome will be for 2018.

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