Could Ericsson Be Hiring 100 Employees For Their Latest Factory Next Year?

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pic magazine 6993 2019-07-24

The short answer is yes, but we need to dig deeper to find out more about this exciting enterprise.

Ericsson is building a new 5G factory as early as next year. What will set this factory apart from others they have is it will be a fully-automated system.

What does that mean?

Automation is a technology where the same jobs are accomplished, but with minimal staff. The 100 people set to staff the facility will be producing 5G radios for those who live in or around urban areas. Everything is going to be digitalized. Digitalized mass production is going to be the wave of the future. Ericsson is simply capitalizing on their current success with plans to move into the future.

We asked where the company is going to be located. They could not get back to us about this information, as of yet, but we will keep pressing to find out more.

With full-automation services, how can you hire 100 people?

That is another question we posed to Ericsson.

"This is good for the economy, all the way around. We are providing a service to those in need, whether it is radio or a job. Yes, automation is taking over, but that does not mean someone should lose their job because of that."

The 5G is apparently going to dominate the North American territories. We found out that by the year 2024, more than 60% of Americans will be adopting 5G technologies.

"This is also about efficiency as well. Our plan is to dominate more businesses in the near future with our applications, some of which we could not get to before. This is a good thing for everyone. We also get the satisfaction of seeing people find a job."

What about the security issue?

Some people have called this into question, especially regarding the fully-automated factory concept. Some people argue that with a factory with more technology than people, there could be more security breaches.

"We have issues that we have to work out. Security is one of the issues. We are well aware of the security problems. We are planning multiple inspections before the factor is open and the people get to work. We will even conduct these inspections long after the factory is open. The issue of security is one of our highest priorities. We cannot stop everything, but we will try to reduce the impact as much as we can."

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