Android P (9) 2018 : When, Where, And How

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Android P or 9, the ninth version of the Android OS, is set to release this upcoming August 2018. A lot of rumors are still circulating the official name for new OS device. Previously, Google has been known for naming its platforms after sweet treats or foods, like last year's Android Oreo, so this year is no different. Though, the Android P will take awhile before being released with full confidence, and without minor bugs. Currently, some Android phones are still running on old versions of the OS system, pointing to the fact Google also needs to do more when promoting its system updates.

Expected Features

Some of the features available on the new OS system includes Wi-Fi printing support, Bluetooth system, and safety nets increased for the OS system. Image formats are in a developing process to decrease their size on phones too. However, the developers for this are neither under Apple or Google, so the feature is a free for all, OS or not.

Google also plans to utilize their maps function inside the new Android P with indoor map layouts and increased Wi-Fi access points location. In addition, the camera on the new phones running Android P will work the same with any app not included in the phone already. Lastly, Android P, similar to Apple, will now offer better messaging previews such as quick reply and image notifications. The 2018 I/O meeting, a developers conference hosted by Google every year, will showcase the Android P at the event. The I/O meeting this year will take place May 8-10 in Mountain View, California.

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As far as the schedule goes for releasing the official version of Android P some phones will have to wait more than others. The Google Pixel phones will be the first to sponsor the Android P, next will be all Android phones released throughout the year. Samsung has priority over other brands, since they are the biggest market competitors to the iOS system. The Galaxy 9 released this year will have Android P in it as well. Any version of the Galaxy released before this year, possibly up to the S7, will have to wait about a year after its release to get the update. This includes international versions of Samsung such as the Galaxy J.

The brand of phones following are most likely LG, Nokia, Motorola, and Sony. The models of these brands will have had to be released during the recent year, 2017 to be eligible for the Android P. Conclusively, if any person wants to have a first look at the Android P with its full on features set, their best bet is purchasing a Google Pixel or the newest Galaxy phone released this year.

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