2019 Google I/O

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Google I/O 2019 just wrapped up and there were some interesting new updates. Those that are not familiar with Google I/O, it is a conference for developers where announcements about updates and additions of apps, hardware, software and services from Google. Each year the event is live-streamed, but many attend the Mountain View location in person to attend the events.

Stadia - a Play VS Apple Arcade

One of the top announcements from the company was about their Flagship gaming service which will be known as Stadia. This is a gaming service that will stream games to subscribers and allow for fast switching to other devices. It is thought that this product will be direct competition to Apple's "Arcade" which is a similar technology. Virtually anyone with access to the internet and using Chrome will be able to use the service across most devices that support the Chrome browser. The interesting difference is that Apple will have their service on lockdown for use only by Apple users.

Google Phone Unveilings

Those in the USA with concerns about protecting themselves against fraud will find that the Google Pixel 3a and the XL version will be debuting with some great new security apps. The camera on this line of phones, which are billed as mid-range devices, is basically the same as the predecessor in the "3" line.

Nest + Google

Google Home Hub is now the Nest Hub. Will users lose the functionality of some of their connected devices? That's to be seen, but Google did introduce a ten-inch display device called the Nest Hub Max. It apparently has some of the same technology that Jibo used where it can recognize the user when they enter the room. The interesting security feature that was added was that it can send the owner an alert if someone that it doesn't know is present. Super handy as an additional home security device.

Overall I/O

Some interesting developments from Google. Overall, the top reveals would be Google opening development for car apps, the Nest partnership, and Stadia. The phone reveals weren't too exciting but will most likely turn a profit and bring in users that couldn't previously afford the Google devices. Many will be looking forward to more updates in app security, especially in the use of directory information in contacts and definitely more VR and AR updates from Google will please the masses.

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