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When it comes to blocking unwanted calls there is a new wave of technology that makes it possible for people to change the number of calls that they are getting from unwanted solicitors. The following presents several options that people have when they really do not want to get those calls that are simply unwanted calls from people that are trying to sell something.

Block call apps

One big thing that people may have taken notice of in recent years when it comes to unwanted calls is the block calls app. There are a plethora of apps that can block phone numbers that seems suspicious. There are all types of unsuspected caller apps out there that can cut down on a wide number of calls that people get that they do not want to receive.

The settings on phones

In many cases people do not even have to worry about downloading the app to stop the unwanted calls that they may be receiving. Blocking calls can be as simple as utilizing settings on the phone to stop many of these calls. People that are trying to block certain calls can add a different number as an unsuspected or unwanted call every time that this number rings the phone. This way the call is blocked from that point forward.

People that are trying to block certain numbers that are starting with a certain area code can also make changes to do this as well. There are even options for people to block everything with the exception of the numbers that are programmed into phone through the contact list. This is very extreme, but this is a sure-fire way to block all unwanted calls that you may not be interested in receiving.

Getting on a Do Not Call list

Another thing that people can do if they really do not want to deal with unwanted calls is get on a call list. When people get on these Do Not Call lists they remove themselves from any type of company that may call unexpectedly. They can greatly decrease the number of calls that are sent their way.

These Do Not Call lists are updated regularly, but more unsuspected call or numbers continue to appear so people must consider adding themselves to multiple lists in order to keep the number of calls down.

Turning on the Do Not Disturb Settings

All smart devices have a do not disturb setting. This is something that people never really think about much for blocking unwanted calls, but it does serve as a handy feature if you pay attention to the time frame where unwanted calls are made.

Many of these telemarketers or robocall systems will have a precise time frame where calls are made. People may see that certain numbers for unsuspected calls change, but the call may be coming in at the same time. What someone with a smartphone can do is set up do not disturb to narrow down the calls for these time periods.

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