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What is 'spam'?

The term 'spam' refers to all the email that you receive from sources that you did not authorize to send you communication or phone calls and text messages aimed at selling things or spying on data. The greatest portion of email sent throughout the internet today is unsolicited messages, otherwise known as spam. These include advertising messages, offers to get rich, adult dating, online pharmaceutical drugs and gambling promotions from sources you aren't familiar with.

You can tell that emails are spam when you don't recognize the sender and the offer seems too good to be true. Some other warning signs are if there is an attached file, the content of the email doesn't match the subject, the content is written in poor English with misspellings, there is a claim that the message is urgent or there is a "limited time" to reply. What helps you to recognize spam? Use the Anti-Spam Guide or our reverse search tools: Reverse Phone Lookup, Reverse Email Lookup or IP Checker.

An example of spam and scam can be found here in this extensive and informative article:


Our community lives from spam messages from affected users. Therefore a request to you: If you have received a fraudulent phone call, or a strange text message on your smartphone, or more often, a spam email, please write a short comment here to inform other people. The detectspam.com database contains over 3 million of these complaints about email addresses, spam servers and phone numbers. The following complaints have recently been added to our database:


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